About Us

Mission Statement 

At Good Mess Creative, we are first and foremost, storytellers. We are committed to amplifying the stories and work of a diverse array of creators, from artists, to musicians, to chefs, to writers and beyond. We seek to ease some of the barriers to entry that exist in creative industries through accessible and affordable professional services, brand consulting, creative community, and a marketplace that connects creators directly with their audiences. We put creativity and intentional design at the heart of every product we sell and every service we provide. 

Core Values 

  • We believe that creators should get paid for their work, always. Full stop. 
  • We believe that creative professionals should not have to choose between making a decent living and pursuing their dream if they have the talent, drive, and will to succeed. 
  • We believe in using our own privilege to amplify the voices and work of artists from diverse and marginalized communities. We are committed not only to listening to voices different than our own but also in taking meaningful action to make the world a more just and equitable place for everyone regardless of race, gender identity or socio-economic status. 
  • We believe that mess is good. Just because something or someone doesn’t fit a certain archetype or mold does not mean that it is wrong or irrelevant. 
  • We believe in mutually beneficial creative partnerships. Whenever a creator’s design appears in our work, on our products, or on our site, there is a tangible benefit to that creator.  
  • We believe in pushing boundaries. There’s no such thing as an idea that is “too creative” or “too out there” - those phrases are lies that non-creative people in corporate America tell themselves so they can feel better about their life choices. 
  • We believe in selling good products that are made well while prioritizing respect for human dignity and the health of our planet throughout the process.   
  • We believe in kindness, respect, and work-life balance. 
  • We believe that every person needs and deserves profound joy and meaningful human connection in their lives, and creators are great at providing both. 

What We Do


Telling stories and amplifying the voices of creators is our bread and butter. It is why we do what we do. We provide top-grade, high caliber professional consulting services to creators at prices they can actually afford. To that end, because we are not wholly reliant on client services for our business, we don’t have to follow the typical consulting model that is based on as many clients as possible and creating as many replicable, interchangeable processes and deliverables as possible. You won’t find any cookie-cutter strategic plans or watered down brand language in our professional services - we have set our business up so that we can actually take the time to fully embed ourselves with our clients - get to know them, their voice, their story and their unique creative process.


At Good Mess Creative, we don’t believe in the typical revolving door of clients and customers. We view each interaction with a creator, customer, or partner as an opportunity to make meaningful and lasting connections. The Good Mess Community will be the space where those meaningful and lasting connections can thrive, evolve and grow. Through relevant content, resource sharing, networking opportunities, and original programming, the Good Mess Community that we are building will be a thriving collection of some of the best and brightest independent creators, influencers and change-makers around.